Smart Cities of things
& Smart Government

International event with simultaneous translation
Brussels, April 25th 2017
The international auditorium
Program Plenary session
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Covered Themes
Smart Environment
Smart Energy - Smart Grid - Green buildings
Light, waste, water management
Smart Mobility
Real-time data collection
ICT integrated transport & logistics systems
Traffic- and parking management
Smart Government
e-Government - Simplification
Participatory decision making
Public Private & Civil Partnership
Smart Living
Health - ICT-enabled lifestyles
Social cohesion and social capital – Safety
Smart Economy
eBusiness - ICT Manufacturing - Smart Clusters
Smart People
E-skills - Creativity & innovation
Access to Education & training
Confirmed speakers
09:00 Opening of the congress
Luc Blyaert
Digital and technology expert

Digital, technology, journalism, awards, multilingual
Original format based on pre-prepared interviews

For each session, we plan around twenty questions related to the theme.
Each speaker was able to identify in advance the questions he wished to handle.
Through an interactive preparation, speakers know all the issues that will be handled.
This eliminates redundancy and topics will be covered in depth.
Frank De Weser
Business Marketing
M2M/IoT Business Unit

M2M - IoT - Big Data
09:15 - Track 1 : Government
Jo Steyaert
CEO Bpact
partner IndiVille

Belgium Smart Cities Survey
Wouter Degadt
Intercommunale Leiedal

Smart-Government - Local - Digital network in Smart Region
Erwin De Pue

Better use of resources - Collaboration - Smart Simplification
Ivan Stuer
IT Security manager/DPO
Policy advisor Smart Cities
Agentschap Informatie Vlaanderen

Security - Privacy - e-government - Smart Cities
Benoit Hucq
Directeur Général
Agence du Numérique

Smart Region
Jim White
Industry Lead
Cities & Local Government

Data privacy and security - Sharing performance(data)
10:05 - Track 2 : Environment
Karl-Filip Coenegrachts
Chief Strategy Officer
Stad Gent & OCMW Gent

Smart city strategy - Future urban strategies
Frank Butstraen
Executive Director

Mobility - Environment - Social Media Analytics - PPP
Zoé Lejeune
Project Manager REMOURBAN
AREBS asbl

Energy Efficiency - Sustainable Renovation - Mobility
Bénédicte Borckmans

Master Plan Seraing - Urban renovation
11:30 - Track 3 : Mobility
Joep Crompvoets
Senior Researcher & Consultant in Spatial Data Infrastructures
Public Gov. Institute - KU Leuven

E-government and Spatial Data Infrastructures
François Narbonneau
Head of Department Smart Technologies
Multitel - Eurometropolitan Research Centre

ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) - Video surveillance - Sensors - e-mobility
Elke Bossaert
Manager - Mobiel 21
Organisation for sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility - Traffic Poverty - Social, Ecological and Economic aspects
Kristin Adriaensen
Business Developer
e-mobility cluster
i-Cleantech Vlaanderen

Nicolas Himmer
Smart City Manager
Ville de Namur

Transport intelligent - Ville numérique
Daniël de Groot
Policy Advisor
Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

The role of the Government in the Smart City ecosystem.
13:30 - Track 4 : Living, Urbanism, Health & Safety
Mieck Vos
Algemeen Directeur

Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities
Prof. Ana Ruiz Bowen
Coordinator Energies Habitat Environnement
HEI Hautes Etudes d'Ingénieur

Urban development - Sociology - Eco-neighborhoods - Architecture
François Laureys
Gestionnaire de projets Smart Cities
BEP Namur

Open Data Platform - Participatory democracy - Collaborative platform - Crowdfunding platform
Gino Dehullu
Strategic advisor and project manager
Stad Roeselare

Cities in transition
Frank Robben
General manager
Crossroads Bank for Social Security

eHealth - process optimisation - strategy
Rogier Havelaar
Smart City Solutions Strategie - Postnl

Information services - Data collection - Mailmen netwwork - Socially projects
14:30 - Track 5 : Finance models - Innovation - Economie
Prof. Rudy Aernoudt
Chief Economist
European Commission

Financing models for Smart Cities - Blockchain
Karel Volckaert
Visiting fellow

Valuation - Risk management - Fund management
Rob van Kranenburg
Founder of Council
Largest independent #IoT Thinktank

Smart Economy - IoT - Circular - TAGITsmart
Marloes Pomp
Blockchain team overheid

Blockchain - 25 public sector pilots - Rewear/sharing economy
Bernard De Potter
Agentschap Innoveren
& Ondernemen

Transitie Industrie 4.0
Karin De Craecker
Stad Antwerpen

Blockchain: Overheid in of aan de ketting? - Slim in de stad prijs 2016
16:00 - Track 6 : Education - Socially driven & digital fracture
Ilse Mariën
PhD Researcher
Vrije Universtiteit Brussel

Digital Inequalities - e-Inclusion - Societal Impact of Digitization Processes
Stijn Oosterlynck
Associate Professor in Urban Sociology
University of Antwerp

Niet elke slimme stad is technologisch; niet elke technologie is slim
Stefan Platteau

Digital fracture - Social Inclusion
Julie de Pimodan
Fondatrice - CEO

Democratie - Réseau citoyen
Nathalie Crutzen
Director, Smart City Institute

Quality Education - Renewable Energy - Reduced Inequalities - Sustainable Cities - Responsible Consumption
Aline Muylaert
E-Democracy Builder
at CitizenLab

Civic engagement platform
17:00 - Closing keynotes & opening of the Community
Mohamed Ridouani
Schepen van personeelszaken, onderwijs, economie, leefmilieu en vastgoed - Leuven

Administratieve vereenvoudiging - duurzame ontwikkeling - economische ontwikkeling - Mindgate
Danny Van Heck
General Manager, EMEA
Public Services & Healthcare - SAP

Smart Cities:
The Next Digital Frontier
Bruno Segers
Bruno speaks in his own name
As a passionate European, Belgian and Flemish citizen
If you are curious klick on linkedin

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